Spyder D3fy Paintball Gun

D3fy is a sub brand of the notorious paintball accessory manufacturer; Spyder. The company clarified to us that D3fy would only produce high end guns for a certain category of users. The target market was the veteran users who would originally have purchased models from the Spyder lineup because of their reputation for extreme performance and unmatched reliability.

One major concern was to improve the grip used on the new high end guns. This is where our experience in human factors and ergonomics became most useful. Once the general direction for the gun was chosen, we focused highly on the secondary details such as the grip, hopper feeder, and trigger area.

Inspiration came from small objects that are very detailed, yet read as one collective form. We also wanted to look at products that look hand made and to combine materials to achieve a significant stance. Aggressive styling is a must for this category of guns. We must respect the family of shapes used by the Spyder line in previous guns, while simultaneously introducing a breath of fresh air.

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